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4.    You sign the mailed contract, keep part B, and mail us the original with your signature.

You are the PURCHASER /EMPLOYER. We are the LEADER.

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Section 1: Your Info

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Section 2: Date and Time of your Event/Engagement

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Section 3: Type of Engagement:         

Section 4: Engagement location details

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Section 5: Package Chosen:    STANDARD     ADVANCED     ULTIMATE  


Section 6: To be completed by the LEADER


·         The PURCHASER of the music shall pay the LEADER $______________.

·         A down payment of  $_______________ will be required.

·         Any gratuities thrown on the floor will be collected by the band.

·         Overtime will be charged at the hourly rate of  $___________.

·         The remaining amount will be paid 2 weeks prior to the engagement.



·         Transportation Charges $________________

·         Out Of Town Charges    $________________

·         2% Insurance Charges  $________________

The undersigned Leader has entered into a contract with the above Purchaser for the Engagement as listed above.

Terms and Conditions

1.    The Employer of the music shall have complete supervision, direction and control, at all times, over the services of the musicians on this employment.

2.    Food and/or Drinks (Alcoholic or not) must be provided by the employer at the time of engagement.

3.    All possible changes of the contact's terms must be reported to the leader at least three weeks prior to the engagement date.

4.    The employer must notify the leader of any extra conditions and/or requirements to be performed by the Band on the time of the engagement at least three weeks prior to the engagement date.

5.    The Leader acknowledges the fact that the band is fully obligated and liable of reporting to the job on the date and time as specified by the terms of this contract, except in the case of any act of God.

6.    NO musicians will be required to perform and provisions of this contract or to render any services for said employer as long as any such claim is unsatisfied or unpaid, in whole or in part. If the employer breaches this agreement, he shall pay the musicians in addition to the damages 6% interest thereof plus a reasonable attorney's fee.

7.    Deposits are not refundable.

8.    Client will provide all necessary information with regard to event location, proper directions and any relevant information related to job performance.

Both Parties acknowledge the fact that they are obligated to satisfy and fulfill all terms and conditions of this contract.


Purchaser's Signature

Leader's Signature

Make checks payable to: LEFTERIS BOURNIAS and return with the signed contract to:

211-26 34th Avenue,
Bayside, N.Y. 11361


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