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Apollo Orchestras offers Greek Dancing Lessons!

Meet our dance general from Sparta

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Kimon Symeonidis

If I talk about it I would ruin it... one day when I am in the mood I 'll dance it to you.

Alexis Zorba

Straight from Sparta Greece our inspiring and inspired dance instructor Kimon Symeonidis has the experience to quickly bring you up to speed to any dance from all over Greece. Whether you want a choreography for your first dance or want your guests to learn greek dances you have come to the right place! Kimon has held greek folk dance lessons in Boston, California, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Greece of course. He has been dancing for more than 27 years and has been a member of the Lycaum of Ellinidon and of the Boston Eyzones. He has founded the Odysseans dance group in Worcester MA and he currently runs the Greek dancing Meetup in Manhattan. From one person to a full group, he will be able to pass on the power of a Spartan warrior. For availability and more information inquire with Apollo Orchestras.